Raw Materials
We offer you a wide collection of raw materials for the development of your cosmetic products such as perfumes, plant extracts, natural vegetable oils, oat products and active ingredients that will contribute to the successful development of your products.


In this category you can find a variety of raw materials for your products.

Essential Oils – Plant Extracts (oil soluble and water soluble)

• Vegetable extracts

Coming from organic cultures, with respect to the sustainability of natural resources and animal life.

• Vegetable Oils

Such as avocado, almond, argan, castor, cocoa butter, coconut, hazelnut, hemp, jojoba, macadamia, olive, shea butter.

• Fatty Acids

Such as distilled fatty acids, fractionated fatty acids, oleic acid, ricinoleic acid, sebacic acid, stearic acid.

• Natural Derivatives

Natural herbal extracts & Oleoresins as well as oils extracted from spices (e.g. carnauba wax, cosmetic butters, fatty acid esters, glycerine, glycerine trioleate, lanolin, lecithin, paraffin, shellac).

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Active Ingredients
& Fermentation Products

A vast range of active ingredients which are produced using the method of fermentation.

• Active ingredients for anti aging, anti wrinkle, slimming and firming products, as well as for products with healing properties against atopic dermatitis.

• Active ingredients for the suppression of psoriasis symptoms and for the deodorization of sensitive areas. 

• Active ingredients for the reinforcement of hair growth.


Applications for the development of cosmetic, personal care, pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products.

• Provide skin and hair scalp protection.

• They are a natural protein source. They provide hydration and suppleness.

• Ideal for the production of soaps, masks and gels for peeling purposes.

• Ideal for soft peeling products

• Appropriate for dermatological products as well as for products aimed for children use.

Fragrances for EdT, EdP
& Reed Diffusers

Fragrances developed especially for Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum, shampoos, body wash and body lotions. Overall ideal for the development of any cosmetic product.

Special formulations are developed for products according to their specific requirements.


Formulas & Consulting Services

We offer you a wide range of options for creating and developing recipes for cosmetic applications. Discover high-quality solutions for every stage of the development and production process, including research, conducting technical studies, formula development, and all other steps necessary for the production of the final product.

Natural & Clean Fragrances

We are always improving our green and sustainable approach. We offer a variety of 100% natural and organic fragrances that are produced based on a highly restrictive guideline.


Solar Escape

Bergamot Pear, Frangipani Jasmine, Ylang, Vanilla


Petal Caress

Blackcurrant Green Notes, Rose, Vanilla, Raspberry, Cedarwood


Delicate Cocoon

Orange Lemon, Chamomile Hawthorn. White Tea, Powdery Notes


Energy Cocktail

Orange Petitgrain, Davana Flower


Woody Addiction

Geranium, Ylang, Vetiver Patchouli, Tonka Bean


Purifying Leaves

Petitgrain, Litsea Cubeba, Verbena Eucalyptus, Orange Blossom, Patchouli