Promotional Beauty Products & Accessories
We offer a wide selection of promotional products and accessories.


In this category you can find promotional beauty items and a vast selection of accessories.

Promotional Products

  • Promotional bags and pouches according to your needs that can be produced with your logo
  • Wooden boxes engraved with laser for pyrography effect that can be produced with logo
  • Self adhesive waterproof labels made of embossed pewter and antique varnish, in bronze and copper material
  • Flexible labels with wood engraving made of veneer wood; business cards, modern invitations and boxes engraved with laser
  • Nail lacquer, lipstick and colour charts customized with your logo


  • Special sharpeners for cosmetic pencils customized with your logo
  • Spatulas for cosmetic products customized with your logo
  • High-quality makeup brushes and puffs of excellent quality and design, customized with your logo

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Jute & Cotton Bags

Jute and cotton bags and other promotional products made from leather, sequins and embroidery.

The Cotton Net Bag

A reusable and environmentally-friendly option for your daily shopping and more.

The cotton net bag is styled after the fisherman net bags known as filet in France. Made from 100% cotton, the net bag is light and versatile and ideal for carrying your market groceries. It is light and foldable, which makes it easy to carry around. It is also stretchy and strong so it can hold heavy or bulky items. It can be fully customized according to your particular specifications.

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Makeup & Cosmetics Bags

Cosmetics and professional beauty bags in a variety of designs, sizes and colours.

Choose between a selection of promotional and makeup bags in a variety of dimensions, colours and materials. You can also print or embroider your logo.