Packaging Materials for Cosmetics, Food
& Parapharmaceutical Products
We are always at your disposal to answer any questions you may have and to suggest the best packaging solutions for your cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical products.


In this category you can find the most suitable packaging materials for your cosmetics, food and parapharmaceutical products.

Packaging Materials for
Cosmetics Products

  • Glass bottles and vials for perfumery.
  • Glass bottles for skin care and makeup products.
  • Glass jars for skin care and makeup products.
  • Glass bottles for nail lacquer.
  • Glass tubes for mascara and lip gloss.
  • Glass and plastic roll on packaging.
  • Glass packaging for reed diffusers.
  • Blown glass tubes for sampling perfumes and for finished products. Glass droppers.
  • Spray pumps for perfumery with respective overcaps.
  • Dispensing pumps for skin care with respective overcaps.
  • Spraying valves.
  • Dosing pumps, dispensers and triggers
  • Plastic caps and closures for bottles and jars made from PP or Urea. Can be produced from aluminum or be metalized. 
  • Caps and overcaps from wood or cork. 
  • Sealing aluminum discs and sealing plasticized discs from PS material which guarantee the protection of the product until its first use.
  • Sealing discs from TRISEAL material providing absolute protection.
  • Glass droppers push on.
  • Roll on accessories.
  • Caps, brushes, inox balls for nail lacquer stirring to avoid pearl sedimentation.
  • Tiny ribbons and other accessories for packaging decoration.
  • Plastic bottles and jars for cosmetic products.
  • Roll On from plastic material. 
  • Deo Stick.
  • Airless packaging for cosmetic skin care products.
  • Plastic ampoules.
  • Spatulas for cosmetic use.
  • Plastic flexible tubes from HDPE/ MDPE/ LDPE.
  • COEX tubes.
  • Aluminum tubes.
  • Aluminum jars.
  • Aluminum bottles.
  • Makeup packaging: Foundation mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss, liquid lipstick, normal lipstick and more.
  • Trousses for loose, compact and baked powders, blushers, lipsticks etc.
  • Metal godets for cosmetic compact powders and eye shadows.
  • Metal caps from anodized aluminum. Articles decorated and transformed using the third sublimation method.
  • Caps and closures flip top, disc top, twist lock, push on etc.
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Packaging Materials
for Food Products

  • Glass bottles for edible oil, wine and liquors.
  • Glass bottles for ketchup, passata and various other sauces.
  • Glass jars for olives, pickles, mayonnaise, mustard, honey, jams, etc.
  • Aluminum tubes appropriate for packing food products such as mayonnaise, mustard, tomato paste, chocolate cream, marmalade, honey etc.
  • Dispensing pumps appropriate for catering (mustard, mayonnaise etc.)
  • Plastic ampoules appropriate for edible products.
  • Sealing aluminum discs that ensure the protection of food contents.
  • Bottles and jars from PET material.
  • Aluminum bottles appropriate for edible products.
  • Aluminum jars appropriate for edible products.

Packaging Materials for Parapharmaceutical Products

  • Lip balm and sticks as well as available solutions for private label products.
  • Plastic ampoules appropriate for packaging edible and pharmaceutical preparations.  
  • Sealing aluminum discs and plasticized BaCo Bond discs, suitable for the protection of their contents.   
  • Tubes suitable for toothpaste.
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Glass Packaging

Glass in its purest form is produced from special-quality sand and sodium carbonate. Glass packaging does not contain any toxic chemicals so there is no risk of leakage or contamination of the products it contains. Furthermore, it offers timeless value and high-quality aesthetics.

Its applications in the cosmetics industry include vials and jars for personal care and make-up products, nail polishes, mascara, lip gloss, reed diffusers and candles. They are available for painting, fluorescence, silk screen printing or thermogravure, and they are harmoniously combined with a wide variety of accessories.

We offer a vast variety of options to complete your products:

  • Spray pumps for perfumery with their matching overcaps 
  • Dosing pumps and dispensers for skin care products with their matching overcaps  
  • Caps and closures for glass, jars and bottles from PP or Urea, aluminum or metalized, or wood material
  • Sealing aluminum discs and sealing plasticized discs made of PS providing protection and ensuring the tight closure of the jars
  • Sealing disc from TRISEAL material for jar lids
  • Droppers
  • Roll On
  • Caps, brushes, stainless steel stirring balls for nail polish
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Can be produced with a high percentage of recycled materials (PCR / PIR)

Glass Vials

Straight & Narrow
Neck Vials

Perfume sample vials are available with narrow or straight type closures. Decorative finishes include lacquering, metallisation and frosting, in any Pantone colour, with screen print.

Snap Cap

These vials are used for samples or retail purposes for cosmetics applications. Decorative finishes include lacquering, metallisation and frosting, in any Pantone colour, with silk screen print.

& Vials

A wide range of droppers and vials for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Caps can be either coloured, according to customers’ needs or metallised and tipped in matt, shiny gold or silver.


These vials are provided with a roll-on type dispensing system and are available with flat or rounded bottoms. They can be used for either alcohol or water-based liquids.

Alumimum Packaging

The properties of aluminum make it the optimal choice for sensitive formulas that require a strong barrier to the external environment. It’s a light, functional, durable and environmentally-friendly material that can offer high-quality aesthetics if processed properly.

We provide you with a vast variety of options to complete your products:

  • A big variety of aluminum bottles for cosmetic products, with a vast variety of options for neck openings (screw openings for cosmetic and skincare use and one- inch necks for aerosol) 
  • Spray pumps, dosing pumps and triggers 
  • Aluminum jars
  • Aluminum tubes, for fair dyes as well as for other cosmetic, pharma and industrial applications (also appropriate for food products)  
  • Aluminum caps and closures of high quality and performance
  • Aluminum lipstick cases with unique design
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Can be produced with a high percentage of recycled materials (PCR / PIR)

Alumimum Tubes

We recommend aluminum tubes for the packaging of your cosmetics and parapharmaceutical products. 

They are suitable for the packaging of hair dyes but also for certain creams with special protection needs.

Aluminum tubes are also ideal for the packaging of edible products such as tomato paste, mustard, mayonnaise, honey, jams and chocolate in thick form. Aluminum tubes provide complete safety to products and protect them from sunlight, oxygen and various microorganisms.

Aluminum & Tin Jars and Caps

Aluminum and tinplate packaging offer unique benefits. Both metals look and feel superb, with a radiant sheen and smooth finish that will add a touch of class to any product.

Stepped Top Click-Fit Aluminum Jar

Standard Range Softline Aluminum Jar

Standard Range Aluminum Screw Cap

Standard Range Aluminum Screw Cap Straight Edge

Plastic Packaging

Plastic is a primary material in the production of the cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical and industrial sector. It is light, durable and functional.

We provide you with a vast variety of options to complete your products:

  • Plastic bottles in a variety of forms and sizes in PE, PP, SAN, PET, PETG, GLASS and POLYMER
  • Spray pumps, dispensers and triggers
  • Screw caps, flip tops, disc tops, twist locks, push ons
  • Jars for cosmetics
  • Flexible tubes made of HDPE, MDPE, LDPE (round and oval)
  • Roll-on
  • Deo Stick 
  • Airless packaging 
  • Plastic ampoules
  • Spatulas
  • Lip balm sticks
  • Can be produced with a high percentage of recycled materials (PCR / PIR)

Packaging Solutions for Personal Hygiene Products

Plastic packaging solutions of exceptional quality and design for personal care products. You can order them plain or decorated with your your company’s branding.

Our team works with companies that have perfectly equipped laboratories and experienced staff in order to ensure a flawless result that highlights your products.

Plastic Ampoules & Roll-ons

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Breakable Ampoules with Micro Roll-on

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Breakable Plastic Ampoules

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Roll-on Bottles

Useful Information for Minimum Order Quantities & Delivery Time

We have carefully selected all of our partners based on their aesthetics and high quality. Our vast network of collaborators ensures that we can offer our clients a plethora of solutions that can cover all their needs. The minimum order quantity is determined by individual producers, but it usually ranges between 5,000 and 50,000 pieces per order. Delivery times also depend on the timeframes provided by producers. As a general rule, unprocessed glass is available for immediate shipment but all other products are delivered within two months from the date of order.