Moulds & Sealing Machines
This category comprises machinery such as dosing, homogenizing mixers, extractors, and flaming accessories; appropriate moulds for the production of lipsticks made of brass or Stainless steel with silicone ogives, heat pressure machines for sealing protective discs on bottles or jars; Inox moulds appropriate for lipstick, baked powders and blushers; godets made of tinplate appropriate for eye shadows and compact and domed powders; these products can be produced with your company’s logo.


A variety of moulds and sealing machines. 


  • Inox moulds appropriate for lipstick, baked powders and blushers
  • Godets made of tinplate appropriate for eye shadows and compact powders
  • Plastic ampoules for cosmetics, parapharmaceutical and edible products
  • Special apparatus for the hermetical sealing of ampoules

The development and production of moulds can be made according to customer’s needs and they can be produced with your company’s logo.

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Sealing Machines

  • Machines for sealing protective discs on bottles and jars
  • Sealing discs from aluminum material and BaCo Bond appropriate for the protection of skin care products

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Aluminum Seals

Sealing systems that ensure absolute tightness, protection against external influences and reliable quality.


German technology sealing machines and aluminum seals as well as BaCo Bond in a variety of sizes.

Sealing Machines

A large portfolio of options, from manual and semi-automatic sealing devices to fully automatic filling, sealing and closing systems that offer a user-friendly structure and easy handling.

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Manual sealing machines

Devices for large volumes and small batches.

Manual sealing machines provide you with a cost-effective start into sealing technology for a wide range of applications.

Primarily suitable for sealing plastic containers, manual devices enable a sealing performance of up to 500 pieces per hour.

Our portfolio:

Polymat HD III, Polynette III, PolySeal Mano

Semi-automatic sealing machines

Process-reliable sealing for demanding applications.

Semi-automatic sealing machines offer reliable and user-friendly sealing of plastic and glass containers with an output of approx. 600-700 pieces per hour. While the containers still have to be placed manually on the device, the sealing takes place automatically. The sealing parameters (pressure, temperature and sealing time) can be programmed conveniently on the digital controller, which guarantees optimum process reliability.

Our portfolio:

PolyCos PN III, PolySeal Vario PN, PolySeal Vario Twin

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Fully automatic sealing machines

Complete solutions for the automation of your production line.

From pure sealing to a complete solution with filling, sealing and capping – we offer you high-performance systems for the automation of your packaging processes.

Our portfolio:

BaCo1800, BaCo2400, BaCo2500 Variospeed, BaCo3600