About Us

Sophia Simiti & Co deals exclusively in the representation of large international companies, primarily in Europe and Asia, which produce raw and packaging materials for various sectors such as:

  • Cosmetics & Parapharmaceuticals Industry
  • Daily Care and Hygiene Products (Personal Care)
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Detergent industry
  • Gardening Spraying Accessories

The company was founded in 1984 promoting perfumes, essential oils and lanolin, in the field of cosmetics.

Since then, it has grown to include other raw materials such as active ingredients, which then started to attract the interest of large international companies and packaging materials intended for the cosmetics and food industries.

Our History

Find out how the company evolved and developed into one of the most trusted and respected companies in Greece.

Sophia Simiti decides to turn to the field of cosmetics and creates the personal company Sophia Simiti Representations based in Maroussi, Athens. In the office's exhibition space one can find everything they need to create their line of cosmetic products.
Sophia Simiti expands in the field of food packaging and parapharmaceuticals and takes on an important position in the industry by supplying companies with glass bottles for ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, honey, jams and various other types of food.
Sophia Simiti continues to grow despite the difficult conditions the country is going through due to COVID-19 and creates a new company Sophia Simiti & Co with a team of remarkable collaborators who contribute to the continuation of its successful course.

Our Team

Our team consists of highly-skilled, creative and passionate professionals with extensive expertise in the industry. We are always available to advise our clients and to offer them the best solutions for their individual needs and requirements.

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Sophia Simiti

Founder & CEO

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Yota Kriemadi

Sales Director

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Korina Moustaka

Account Manager

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Voula Zara

Customer Service

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Kelly Karabetsou

Sales Assistant

Our Values

Our values convey our responsibility to our customers and partners and guide our actions and decisions.


The quality of our products is ensured by the careful selection of the companies we represent.


The speedy and efficient service of our customers is one of our top priorities.


Over 30 years of continuous activity in the industry have given us knowledge and valuable experience.


Our reliability is evidenced by our over 40 years of presence in the industry.

Our Clients

Our customers show their trust towards us by continuing to choose us for our reliability and professionalism.