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Raw Ingredients & Packaging Materials
We recommend the best solutions for the design and development of your products in the cosmetics, food and parapharmaceutical industries.
Raw Ingredients & Packaging Materials
We recommend the best solutions for the design and development of your products in the cosmetics, food and parapharmaceutical industries.


We offer a wide variety of products, suitable for all your needs.


In this category you can find perfumes, plant extracts, vegetable oils, fatty acids, natural derivatives, active ingredients, oat products and more.

Packaging for Cosmetics, Food & Parapharmaceuticals

In this category you can find the best packaging materials for your cosmetics, food and parapharmaceutical products.

& Personal Care Products

In this category you can find primers, foundation, lipstick, lip gloss, lip liners, loose powders (compact, baked and domed), blushers, eyeliners, mascaras and more.

Promotional Material
& Accessories

This category includes bags and briefcases, stickers from a variety of materials, color charts, makeup brushes, pon poms, cosmetic sharpeners and more.

& Sealing Machines

In this category you can find stainless steel molds for lipsticks, powders and blushers, dispensers, sealing machines for jars and bottles, tin cans for eye shadows and powders and more.

Industrial, Agricultural
& Gardening Products

In this category you can find pressure sprayers, triggers, dosing pumps and gardening products.

Ecological Thinking
All members of the Sophia Simiti Representations Team recognize the importance of environmental protection. Therefore our company makes every effort to minimize the impact of its operations on the environment. All of the companies we work with offer a vast variety of biodegradable and recyclable solutions and our team is here to help you choose the one that suits you best.

Over 35 years of presence in the industry

Over 35 years in the representation of international companies that produce raw ingredients and packaging materials in the cosmetics and food industries.

Years in the industry


What our clients say

"The experience of working with Ms. Simitis and her associates is unique. They are involved with each and every project! They have an endless appetite for work and consistently present us new ideas and products!"
Lena Filippou
Chief Innovation Officer, Korres
"Extremely pleased with our partnership and with the many valuable items we received as OEM dealers."
Dimitris Antonopoulos
Senior Purchaser, Sarantis S.A.
"We have been working with Mrs. Simitis for over 20 years during which she has offered us many innovative solutions and ideas that cover our specific needs and the requirements. What we value most is the trust she has inspired us, her relationships with quality producers, her professionalism that she and her team always show, as well as the quality service she offers to her customers. We continue with great pleasure and our impression always remains positive! Thank you!"
Natar Eirini
Cosmetologist - Beautician Responsible for RnD & Macrovita Production
"I would like to mention and emphasize that we are very pleased that you are always available, friendly and helpful and that you offer us solutions and products to suit all of our requests, in line with our customer-centric philosophy to meet the expectations of our customers and creating the conditions for a perfect and long-term cooperation based on mutual respect and trust."
Sophia Simeonidou
Aesthetician & Cosmetologist, Serafeim Laboratories
"Our cooperation with Ms. Sofia Simitis' company started over 25 years ago. For many years, both Ms. Simitis herself and her team have handled all our requests in the best way possible. Working with them is a joy and we hope this level of service continues in the future. "
Dimitrios Rousopoulos
Aromca S.A.


If you have any questions please contact a member of our team.


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